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Beginning your trip as a Brit we can help !


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Hi There


We are a couple in our fifties that joined the Escapees in 2003 after being recommended by another English couple we met at the start of our years trip. Well we loved the life style so much we have coming back most years since then whilst storing our 5th wheel and truck in the USA.

Now after 14 years it time to move on, but we have learnt alot from your guys and made some great friends along the way. We would like to share our experience with other brits as the setup is some what different in certain areas when you are not an American citizen.


We hope that when we get bored of the rest of the world we will come back and find more things to explore in this great land. We are currently in the UK but are flying back to Florida 14th February 2017 to spend 6 weeks getting our Excel 5th Wheel and GMC truck ready to sell which we have posted in the Market place forum on this site.


Hope to help out someoone


Safe travels


Alan & Julea Field

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