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Dometic service Tucson

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I know, old story, stay with me. Left MD early Jan in our 2013 Winnebago View. Dometic Fridge would not switch to propane, when not plugged in. Went to Camping World in Charleston, SC, because they are the Winnebago's go to, for a recall work, we were informed about before we left, and also on our itinerary. They could also work on our non switching fridge issue. At Camping World, first they diagnosed the issue as bad propane regulator and replaced that. Didn't solve problem. Then they found an insect nest and ordered and replaced the burner and nozzle. Fridge still would not switch. After awhile they informed me that Dometic said, our fridge (info on request) was a "European" type and Dometic could not tell them how to "diagnose" the problem, if it was in the "Control Module". They did not charge for labor (7 hours) because they did not solve the problem (Wow) although it cost us 7 days waiting for parts. Now we're on our way to our coop park in Benson. OK, here's question, who, where, in the Tucson area is a "real world Escapee recommended" Dometic Fridge service operation? Dometic is NO HELP, par for the course. We'll be in the Tucson area 1/20 or so, we'll be hooked up on our way there. We would like to get this issue fixed, so that we don't have to be hooked up to electric all the time. Can anyone out there help with a recommendation for Dometic fridge work? Will appreciate all suggestions, thanks.....

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