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Amazon $10 credit for $50 gift card purchase


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Interesting offer that popped up. Purchase Amazon gift cards totaling $50 or more in a single order and get a $10 promotional credit to your account through Dec. 5th. Using a credit card that offers 5% cash back (including gift card purchases) comes out at $12.50 off my next $50 purchase... 25% off.


Steak dinner for 1 on money I would have spent anyway. Not too shabby. ;)



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This may be an offer for selected Amazon customers. I can't find it using my account.


It was just a pop-up offer on the main page when I logged in. Dunno where you would go looking for it.


It may only be for people purchasing a gift card for the first time? I found the promo code for it. "1116GCARDS". If you shtick $50 worth of GC's in your cart and enter the promotional code it should tell you if you're eligible or not for the $10 credit.


I sent an egiftcard to myself, redeemed it for the $50 on my account and the $10 showed up a day later.


Supposed to be good until the 30th (?).

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