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Battery question

Bruce H

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Last fall when I purchased my 2006 gulfstream sun voyoger, the dealer installed 2 new interstate wet cell house batteries. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that they were not holding a charge. Every couple of months I would check the level in each cell. I couldn't figure what would be drawing down the house batteries. I checked the batteries and found that one of the batteries had a cell level below the core, another that was just above the core. I put fluid in and charged the batteries again. The charge held for about a day. The 2nd battery seem to be fine, no level drop.

I'm thinking that I should be replacing that bad battery, but what would cause the cell levels to drop so fast?

Some thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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Before waiting any longer, visit your local Interstate Battery store and have them check the batteries. I have bought new batteries that went bad shortly thereafter. A rapid drop in electrolyte level is indicative of a shorted cell.

If you have an inductive 12V ammeter, measure current draw from your batteries while nothing is running that is 12V-powered. You might discover there is a large current draw from something you haven't thought about.

You may also disconnect the negative cable for a day/night, then measure battery voltage as explained in The 12V Side of Life.

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