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Insights on Seedskadee NWF in WY?


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I would like some info about volunteering at Seedskadee in WY. I would like to know about the general experience, if the management is easy to work with, and I would especially like to hear about the weather conditions while you were there. Thank you in advance for your input! - Lori

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Just looking at the pics on google maps it looks more like the high deserts of New Mexico than it does Wyoming!!


National Weather service says average in the high 80's and low in the 50's during the summer months...heck, that's cooler that our fall in Texas!!!! Looks like it gets a little chilly in the winter!!!! High in the 30's and low in the single digits!!!!!


Just wondering...how was working in Yellowstone?? We have only volunteered at other parks and just curious.

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Thanks for the response! Yellowstone is excellent! Just looking for a little change. I work for the non-profit in the visitor centers, and they are very good to work for. I've also volunteered for the NPS here, and that was a good experience! Be aware that the average elevation for the park is 8000 feet, so if altitude is a problem, this won't be the park-of-choice for you.

Summer weather is usually mild and cooler than lower altitudes. The lows at night can be in the low 30s, and it can snow here at the park 365 days a year! I'm working at the park currently, and there is major smoke pollution in the air due to a number of very large forest fires. We are currently cut-off from the Grand Tetons because the south entrance of the park has been closed since last Monday due to wildfires. Many park dwellers are running their A/Cs to try to filter the smoke in their rigs!

I've never worked for a concessionaire in the park, so I can't comment on that.

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Both the Association and the NPS provide RV sites within the park. You are only a mile away from work at the campsites at Old Faithful, for example! Feel free to quiz me later if you get an offer and want some additional info. Even though I'm taking a break from this area of the country, it is still one of my favorite places to be!

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