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Slide "issue" Easy fix!


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When it came time to set up the RV this time the slide went out about half-way and one side seemed stuck. We tried a couple of times but didn't force anything. It retracted just fine, so we put it in and decided to leave it alone till I could look at it or get a technician to look at it. Being the cheap skate that I am I decided that I would do it myself or give it my best shot anyway.


Took a look underneath and didn't see anything that looked broke or out of place on the slide mechanism so I decided to look in the bays that are located under the slide that we very seldom use. Opened the slide and immediately saw the problem. I had put a tire in there that I was going to use as a spare for my toad. It had shifted during the trip and was sticking up just enough to catch one side of the slide as it was going out!!!! Needless to say I was so relieved...I would have been so mad (and bit embarrassed) if I had called a tech for nothing!! Valuable lesson learned about putting things in the storage bays!!!

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Yep, it does pay to be aware of what is around the storage areas AND next to the slides inside. My problem storage area would be under the bed. Mine is not designed for storage but we do use it sometimes. I have had a few minor crushing incidents. My slide would not stop for an obstruction ...it would continue moving and either destroy what is in the way, or rip itself apart. Inside the coach I removed the interior trim from one side of a slide when I put the slide out and found an item behind the driver seat had shifted up against the slide.


It would be helpful for reference to know what make and model RV you have.

Paul (KE5LXU), former fulltimer, now sometimer...

'03 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage 40E

'05 Honda Odyssey

Escapees, FMCA, WIT, SMART


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Yes, we have almost crushed things when we were bringing the slide in but thankfully I control the slide and can stop it if I see something is in the way. We have a 99 Discovery Diesel pusher. I had never thought to check the storage bins so I was hoping this might keep someone from destroying something valuable in the bins or cause major damage to their slide mechanism.

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