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add a vacuum, A few things that made my RV life easier


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The first couple times out in my Moho i noticed we drag in a lot of pebbles, dirt , leaves etc. tried using a broom but it didn't work that well so i decided to install a vacuum, I didn't want to spend 200+ for a RV vac so I looked around and found that the storage under the dinette was a perfect spot I measured the space and found a Craftsman 2 gal wet or dry shop vac at K-mart for around 25 bucks, perfect size to set under the seat in the dinette.

i cut a hole in the side of the dinette for the vacuum port and put a central vac face plate on it, and on the back side i cut out the power cord hole, neither hole was mandatory, but i did it that way, I used a serpentine belt to hold the vacuum tight which i still can remove the vac to empty it, or use it somewhere else i have just enough hose to reach the front and rear of the Moho the cost ran me about 50+ bucks total.

Vac 25.+tax

Vac.face plate 8.00

extra hose 8.00

a couple x-tensions

and vac handle 15-20 bucks

this vac made my life easier just to clean up instead of dragging a vacuum to the Moho when dirtyHPIM4618_zpskciehsdw.jpgHPIM4619_zpszrzk9z3s.jpgHPIM4616_zpsxdy3lqp9.jpg

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Ed G that looks like the ticket, just to let everyone know i have about 8'-10' of hose and two 24" straight tubes, it's a long distance to pick things up but the vac works pretty well, it's not like a home vac, it works better on solid floors than carpet I use the narrow attachment for the rugs and the four inch brush on the laminate.

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