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what3words - a new geographical address system

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This could evolve to be very useful for RV'rs like us.


More than 75% of the world’s 7.4 billion people do not have a reliable mailing address. In some countries this means spending a few extra bucks on delivery fees or making several angry phone calls to the sender; in other countries this means a few extra days of waiting for a letter or package or perhaps a several-mile-long trek to the nearest post office. In a community struck by a natural disaster, where food, medicine and other aid need to be quickly distributed, the lack of good addresses could mean lives are lost.

To tackle this problem, a London-based startup has developed an alternative to the traditional street address system. The three-year-old company, what3words, has divided the planet into 57 trillion 3×3-meter squares and assigned each square a unique combination of three words. Now, instead of standing on Tiananmen Square frantically looking for your friend in a sea of tourists, you can share your exact location —feels.smaller.dart — and your friend will find you in the 3×3 square you are standing in. Three-word combinations are also easier for the human brain to remember than the traditional latitude and longitude coordinates.

Asia is the company’s best market so far. In India, what3words is helping people gain access to electricity. In Mongolia a local online retailer and the country’s post office are using it to improve delivery services. Individuals, non-profits and governments can download the what3words’ app for free; companies are charged a fee.

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I hear the app has a special feature activated when encountering the "I'm over here" word group -- -- it generates a new random 3x3 square location up to 10 miles away from the app user on each inquiry.

I believe that is because the app development team includes several serious 'gamers' (online/electronic game players).



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