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Difference between Escapees and Xscapers?


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Hi Folks,


I am thinking about joining the Escapees and I noticed there is another group called Xscapers. What is the difference between the two? Does it matter which one I join? It seems that the two groups are essentially the same from what I can see and I am a bit confused.







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First let me say, welcome to the Escapee internet forums! This part of the operation is pretty much shared by everyone and all are encouraged to take part.!


If you join one you are part of both. The reason for two grouping is to be able to put more emphasis on the younger, still working group in the X-scapers while the original Escapee site remains mostly serving those who are retired or working part-time. Many parts are the same on both sites but the X-scapers was begun because of the average age in the main group has steadily risen now for probably at least 20 years. Escapees RV club has been managed by the Peterson's who founded it an then their daughter came in, bringing her husband and now the next generation are moving into key positions. As that has happened Cathy Carr, Escapee CEO has charged them with bringing back the active participation of those younger folks who had become so outnumbered.


As one who is part of the "older generation," I welcome this new approach, even though I am also one to welcome those younger members to any part of the organization. I remember when I was in the working, family rearing group and I hesitated to join in a group of mostly retired folks, even when welcome there. The place you happen to be in life plays a major role in the subjects that are most interesting to you and with the two section approach, we can each spend the majority of our time in the part that is of most interest to us, while retaining the ability to move between the two groups at will. It kind of like a family gathering, with the younger folks doing something a bit different than the parents and grandparents!


I hope that this all makes some sense to you. Check out both parts and hang out most in whichever happens to fit you best.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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