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Class C Motor Home Inspection


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Good day.


I am looking for 1 RV owner in Southeast Texas (preferably the Houston area) who would like a no cost, in-depth NRVIA Essential Plus inspection of their Motor Home.


Why am I offering this no-cost inspection?

I am becoming certified as an RV Inspector by the NRVIA - National RV Inspection Association. During the inspection, up to 352 line items are checked on a towable and up to 367 items are checked on motor home. As a part of the advance training I attended recently, we each inspected a towable RV. To complete my training, I must also perform an inspection of a motor home.


My family and I have been RV-ing for 20+ years. I know first-hand some of the “opportunities” RV enthusiasts are challenged to resolve.

For a buyer, an in-depth RV inspection provides facts to make an informed “go/no-go” purchase decision. It greatly enhances the probability the buyer will have the kind of RV experience they were expecting / hoping for.

For a seller, an indepth RV inspection helps emphasize the value to the buyer and potentially minimize the sellers liability. For a current owner not looking to sell, the biggest benefit is piece of mind about the current condition of your RV,


NRVIA requirements are that I complete the motor home inspection by the end of this week,

April 17. Would you be open to having a cup of coffee to meet me and to discuss what the inspection would entail? Did I mention that this will not cost you anything? I am also able to provide telephone numbers and names of people with NRVIA who can vouch for my quest to become a top-notch RV Inspector. Please call me at 832-493-3540.



Tim Lerchbacker






National RV Inspection Association - www.NRVIA.org



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