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Hueco Tanks?

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Give the park a call and talk to their Volunteer Coordinator. I am sure you will get straight scoop. We have volunteered 4 seasons for Texas State Parks. They were always upfront about everything. Those are common questions nowadays. As far as I know and have experienced, most all Texas State Parks have wifi in some sort of capacity. Some good, some bad.


I can't speak to Hueco Tanks but given its proximity to El Paso, I would say chances are fairly good you would have cell and internet. As to TV, satellite is a sure thing and again, with the closeness of El Paso, I bet there is a lot of over-the-air TV, too.


We spent three seasons at Seminole Canyon State Park. Very remote on the border between San Antonio and Big Bend. Our closest town was Del Rio, 40 miles away. No cell, no internet other than the park's wifi. All over-the-air TV was out of Mexico. Satellite was normal. The park told us all this before we came. Cell - No Verizon. AT&T was good. All the Border Patrol folks use AT&T. We bought a Walmart Tracfone for our duration. Worked fine. You can suspend Verizon up to six months per year with no bill.


We really enjoyed TSP&W. Would not hesitate to volunteer again.

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I looked at Vol. there and it nice but kind of primative which for us wasn't a negative. Nicest thing was the freedom to go anywhere in the park or on ranger led guides. Lots of things to see that visitors cant go to. Limited camping, mostly for tenters but RVers can be there.

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