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Shallow Draft

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We had a relatively uneventful trip back to Canada. We did the 2800 k's in 4 days.

Stopped at Kanab rodeo grounds the first night. The horses I think we're happier with the cooler temperature. As I was cleaning the bugs off the windshield I could hear a loud air leak. Turns out it was the line to the right front airbag. I cut out the rubbed spot and all was quiet.

A blown trailer tire 2 miles from Les Schwab made that event easy to deal with.

The run from Pocatello to the border was nice other than the extreme wind for the last 4 hours.

The last 6 hours to home was clear and dry.

My Son had the skunk out of the well house so that was a bonus. Fuel consumption was ok I didn't check but seemed reasonable.

100 galons from Maricopa to Ogden.

Great trip.

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