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15 inch non ST tires

Tex Bigfoot

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I own two trailers one is a 5th wheel with 16 inch rims and I can find good tires for it without a problem.


But the other is a 28 foot bumper pull with 15inch tires and while it has 2 year old Chinese maypops on it now that are in reasonable condition I am starting to look for replacements. With that said my big question is has anyone found any 15 inch tires with a 2300-2500LBS load rating that are NOT ST tires.

I really hate the speed restriction to 65 MPH and the crappy construction.


On Edit: let me rephrase has anyone found any 15inch non ST tires that they would recommend after owning a set .


2nd edit: GVWR for this trailer is only 10,000 the tires that are on it are rated at 2460/tire

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On my travel trailer I have been running, for about 4 years with full-time travel,


Maxxis ST 225/75/R15, max load 2830, marked DOT 20ZD (DBC).


Yes, these are ST tires -- but others with the same brand-line (and approximate weights) travel trailers are also happy after multiple-year usage.

It does seem hard to find non-ST tires for a trailer -- especially at most tire shops where there seems to be some kind of "rule" about only STs on trailers.


Quality and longevity of the tires may be more about the manufacturer than about the ST vs non-ST rating.


A few folks have switched to 16-inch wheels on their trailers -- at some expense and only when clearances allow.

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I just had one of my stock Goodyear marathons blow on me. Mind you the trailer made 3 return trips to southern Mexico from BC. About 25k miles in total plus an additional 10 k. This included some rough roads and crossing 1000s of Topes (speed bumps). Enough to wear out a set of shackles. So I Really cannot complain. The key is to stay under 65 mph. Why anyone would want to tow faster is beyond me. My tires were load range D. I will be replacing all 4 with either Carlisle or maxis load range E. It is illegal here to put truck tires on a trailer. I will keep the 3 good ones as unmounted spares. This is because it's impossible to find them in Mexico.

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