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I am in Mexico. Last night at 2 AM, I had a frantic knocking on my door. It was the husband of the French Canadian couple camped next to us. His wife had passed out and was not breathing. He got her revived with CPR. She had an apparent heart attack. We loaded her into my truck to get her to a hospital. The man who picks up garbage here in a beat up old PU, offered to let me follow him to a hospital 15 km away, which I did. He refused my attempts to give him 300 Pesos even though that is a lot of money to him. We got her to the hospital where no-one spoke English or French. Fortunately the owner of the company I wagon master for is fluent in 3 languages and I got him up in the middle of the night to translate French into Spanish over the phone. It was determined she needed an ambulance to take here to Manzanillo. All worked out in the end.

Today around the pool, my wife was speaking to a young boy flogging home made potato chips. She told him how she had cancer. He tried to give her 200 Pesos. Unbelieveble.

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