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Hurry Up and Wait!


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Once we made the decision to fulltime everything just came together much quicker than we thought possible. We sold the house, donated, gave to family or stored everything. We decided on and bought our 5th wheel. Three days after completing the sale of our home we found out that my hubby has to have neck surgery. While we thought that would (hopefully) be a short delay as we were told it was urgent and would be done within weeks. It has been three months with referrals and doctors moving or resigning, each time requiring new referrals! Got to love HMO's! Finally we have an appointment with a surgeon who appears to be staying. We've been living in our new 5th wheel in a local RV park. On the bright side, it has allowed us and our family to get used to it and work out the kinks. Unfortunately I also find us settling down as if we are not mobile. To add insult to injury, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis during this time and am working through that.


I suppose some people would think life is telling us to stay put. We think we are being told to get moving! Life is short, catch it while you can! We have reservations at the end of May and are determined to make it. So, while we have graduated to full timing we just haven't gotten far. We hope to meet many of you on the road in the future as we have enjoyed the information and blogs of many on this forum.


Happy Trails,




2015 RAM 2500

2016 Grand Design Reflection 317RST



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You are correct, time to go, very soon.

I sold my company and had big rig.

My husband then really wasn't ready. I went a different direction but never really went anywhere because I didn't have anyone to go with. Learned to sail, worked more, etc. More distraction until I was almost not able to go. Had to work on my medical status to improve it and my biggest fear was that I would never make it.

Something about that process is really motivating.

Now, I am happy to say, now is the time, no more waiting.

You will work it out, hang in there.

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LORRIE so glad to hear that now is your time! Thanks for the encouragement. We did take off in May and have been going ever since and loving it! We need to be home for various Dr appts but it's working out. SWHARTON thanks! There are good days and bad days as I'm working through finding the right med. Unfortunately as a melanoma survivor I am not eligible for biologics except as a last resort. It's good to hear someone doing well on the road with it because it can get you some days!


See you on the road!



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