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Wireless back up camera

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I visited their booth at the Tampa RV show and was interested in their product. They were very hard sell at the event but not at giving information regarding use with existing monitors. Were "Oh yea, we can do that, but we don't have the parts here at the show. Just check on line and order them." Checked on line and found nothing and they were less than helpful by email. The responses "Just call us and we can help you." Seems like they want to continue the high pressure sales pitch when I want information before the purchase. Just my opinion and experience.



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Just got the camera and transmitter today. Quality is very nice. Waiting for monitor. Will let you know how it works.



Car License Mount Rear View Backup Camera with Wireless Reverse Transmitter
ebay $24.99 Item #191776935838



4.3 Inch LCD TFT Rearview Monitor screen for Car Backup Camera 4:3/16:9
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