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Problems at the VA hospital in Cincinnati


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Another breaking story:





WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican Senator Rob Portman on Wednesday asked an independent watchdog to look into "deeply disturbing" allegations of poor care and conflicts of interest at a Veterans Affairs hospital in his home state of Ohio.

The allegations are the latest problem for a scandal-plagued agency that has become a punching bag in the Nov. 8 presidential election campaign, particularly for Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
In a letter to the department's Inspector General, Portman urged a "swift and independent" probe after a report showed 34 current and former employees had blown the whistle about problems at the VA hospital in Cincinnati.
"These allegations are deeply disturbing. Those who have served their country in uniform are entitled to the best possible medical care," wrote Portman, who is up for reelection in November congressional elections.


More at link.

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Thanks again Stan for keeping us informed. My thinking out loud here tells me this is way more wide spread than it should be. I'm hoping I am wrong, but here we go!


Vets shouldn't have to fight there private war when they return to this country that they have fought to protect. To have this happening is just plain wrong!


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