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Hello All,

If this is your truck, I am the Mike that left his phone number and wanted to talk Volvo with you. If you know who's it is, let them know I am in the Tacoma area and wanting to check out a converted truck up close.

I was looking for a cheap canopy for my wife's Dodge Ram 3500 and ended up at Kanopy Kingdom down in the Fife/Tacoma area here in Washington state. I happened across a very nice Volvo 730, it had a DEF tank, so 2010 or newer, ET hitch, singled mid, with a water tank and toolbox on the back. I asked the woman behind the counter if the owner of said Volvo was around, she stated that he was not. I mentioned my interest in the truck, left her my phone number, and am patiently waiting for the call.

Have some questions, and wanted to talk about how this state was for the MH tag, the normal stuff.


Mike B. (509)671-7773





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MH tag was easy in Washington. Washington has done away with the Washington State Patrol Inspection. All I did was sign a declaration that the vehicle met the MH registration requirements in Washington. Filled it out in front of the Licensing Office Clerk (McCallum Puyallup) and they are Notaries and they notarized the form and licensed it as a MH. Walked out with tags.

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