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'Error 53' bricking unofficially repaired iPhones


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This only applies to iOS 9 and only if you have it repaired in other than Official iPhone repair centers. Knowing this info could save your data if you need repairs out in the boonies.




"If you've had the Touch ID fingerprint reader on your iPhone repaired through unofficial channels, it could be at risk of being bricked if it's upgraded to iOS 9.


The Guardian has a story of a freelance photographer, Antonio Olmos, who broke his iPhone while working in Macedonia. Because of the lack of an official Apple repair center, Olmos had it replaced by an unofficial third-party. Later his iPhone was offered an iOS upgrade that failed to complete and left him with a bricked handset showing error 53.


Apple says there is nothing that can be done short of buying a new iPhone.


Since the Touch ID sensor is central to the security of the iPhone and Apple Pay, it makes sense that it incorporates anti-tampering security features, but that's little comfort to those who weren't expecting their device to be bricked by an update.


Bottom line, if you've had the Touch ID sensor replaced on an iPhone 6 or above by anyone other than an Apple authorized repair center, don't upgrade to iOS 9, because if you get hit by 'Error 53' then your iPhone is history."


The rest of the article with links to the original article in The Guardian is here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/error-53-bricking-repaired-apple-iphones/?tag=nl.e589&s_cid=e589&ttag=e589&ftag=TREc64629f

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