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Veterans State Park, GA

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Hosted at Veterans state park near Cordele GA. The RV campground has spectacular views of lake Blackshear and is a great looking park. The park is run by a contractor for the state of Georgia. The contractor has a strong focus on the Hotel and not the campgrounds. Host carts are in a sad state of disrepair. One has a single headlight. One has no brakes. Seats are rotten and a shower curtain is wrapped around the seats to hold the remains together. These cart problems have been reported by multiple hosts and the problems remain. Toilet paper for stocking bathrooms is dispensed like it is gold. Fire rings at campsites are so corroded there is barely any metal left of some rings. They claim the order for new fire rings was denied. Hosts have bathrooms to clean that are well aged with minimal maintenance. There are no regular days off and if you need to leave you inform the coordinator so the remaining hosts have to cover your loop and their loops. At least one more campground host is needed so scheduled days off could be accomplished. Could heap on more but you get the idea. Would not recommend you host there.

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Ok we are here and don't fine the place to be bad. I am doing Golf Host. I have met the other host around here as they have Train and Camp Ground Host as well. I don't hear complaints. I do see old equipment. We also find the park to have lots of opportunity for things to do with the lake and all. First place we have been with cable TV!! And the internet is working but has its issues.



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Thanks for sharing. As a note the State Campgrounds in Georgia are very good. Very few problems. Great system.


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