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Tues am test


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Here is what you posted above: (comments in the code block as they contain tags)


Copy of your post from text mode:


I have no idea where the leading bit (below) of invalid Tags [/URL] and other HTML came from 
but it shouldn't be there and it is meaningless to the Forums as it is formatted:


The link and tags (below) for your image are there tucked in the middle of the trash:


And you had this bit (below) of trash tucked on the end:

Are you pasting multiple things into the post box one over the top of the other so the text, tags and HTML get all garbled together?


Use the plain text mode (the little toggle on the tool bar) to look at what you actually have posted before you submit the post. You will be able to see if you have stuff that isn't going to work right like the bit above or something that will work.



Here is what the above post should have looked like in text mode: (you can add text or more images before or after that image BUT they must be added outside the img= block)



and as displayed after posting:







Post with added text:


Leading text here, put the link on a new line or two lines to get some space.


Trailing text here, also on a new line, add a blank line after the link for more space.
Leading text here, put the link new line.




Trailing text here, on a new line.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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