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Samsung S2 Tablet


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I'm thinking of buying a Samsung S2 tablet from Verizon and using it to replace my aging 4620 Jet Pack, it has a mobile hot spot built into it along with 4G. With 32gb of storage and 3gb of ram it should be a big improvement over my Tab 2. Has anyone used one for a hot spot.



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I'd be concerned about a couple of things....I present this as things to think about....not as advice to NOT use the tablet.


  1. Does the tablet support ALL of the Verizon bands being used, or just some of them? Because that makes a BIG difference in tower load management....if you can get on a newer band on a tower that is loaded you will get much better performance....plus the newer bands tend to have higher speed (natively).
  2. There is no antenna port. That can make a major difference.
  3. You are probably stuck with the capabilities of the device as bought. They rarely do software updates for the cellular....vs. a jetpack that may have more frequent updates for new radio bands, etc.
  4. The power may or may not be as good as a Jetpack.

Personally, I'd be looking at a 791 Jetpack.

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It has the capability to connect to all the new bands, the only thing the hot spot would be used for is our Chrome Book,the old tablet to download books and the wi-fi side of my Tracfone. The Tracfone will be gone when the minutes are used and replaced with a Verizon smart phone.



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I made the switch but I didn't go with the Samsung, I went with a Verizon Ellipsis 8. I didn't like the 10" because of the size and the 49.99 price with a 2 year contract was hard to pass up. Its XLTE ready for the future or if you are in a big city but otherwise its 4G LTE only so if we are in a rare place where there's only 3G we will have to use the smartphone for a hotspot. The hotspot has a very strong signal and is very easy turn on and off and takes a short time to connect. Overall I'm very happy with the change but it's not for everyone.



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Decided to pick up the Moko slim from amazon also. Less than $10 to have it here by Tues. At that price, if I don't like it, I can protect my Tab S2 until I find something else.

I do want to check out the Samsung keyboard case as that may be an option or might just grab the LG Rolly keyboard.

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