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Water in Blythe, CA for filling rig?


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Since the free water at Miller Park in Blythe is now closed by the city due to the drought, does anyone know anyplace in town to get water for filling the tank?


There are many Glacier water kiosks in town where we can fill our 3 5-gallon jugs for refilling the water tank ($1.50 for 5 gallons), but it would be great to be able to pull up someplace and use a hose. A reasonable fee would be OK.

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I don't know how long you are planning to stay in the area, but Quartzsite is less than 20 miles away and had a place where you can fill up with a hose. You can also dump and get propane at the same place. Might be unrealistic for you but it's a thought.

Also one of the RV parks might have a reasonable 1 night fee and you could fill up your fresh water before you leave. Good Luck, Hugs, Di

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