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HDT s in Q

Dwain & Debbie

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Attention: Dwain & Debbie!!!!


Uhmmm - do I know you? LOL


It seems as though I saw you not that long ago in the Peoples Republic of CA. I'd sure like to see you both while we're in Q celebrating the grandest, greatest & most enjoyable Gray Hair Convention (aka Q Sports, Vacation & RV Show)


The Volvo is sadly waiting in the wings for us to purchase our new(er) fifth wheel to tow behind it. So, we'll be in Q in our 35' Class A Gasser. We tow our Jeep TJ as well. I emailed R&T this morning to do an update with them. We may boon-dock in a 14 day area North of Town or South of Town. If the weather continues to rain like cats & dogs we will boon-dock anywhere there's a hill away from the desert washes. (oops there is no such place in Q) LOL


Get in touch when you can and we're glad you'll be there.


Steve & Robin


PM at your leisure sir/ma''am!

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just writing to let people know that there are a few HDT's getting together at la posa n, were we have been going the last 2 years. will be there for the rv and rock hound show, come by and visit. if you are interested about heavy trucks we can answer a lot of your questions . Dwain

It was great seeing you guys in Q! Thank you for the insight too!

Keeping the dust down for all,


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