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  1. Is your truck still for sale? any change in the offering price? What is the STX designation? is it like Lariat/King Ranch? Thanks, Steve T
  2. Yes it is available. I have added many pictures on the linked site 'racingjunk.com' and I will also add several interiors tonight. Thank you for your interest. Steve
  3. It a the Volvo VED12. 465HP / Eaton Fuller three pedal 10 speed automatic ratio is 358.
  4. We are making big changes this year and are slowing down our adventures as we become seasonal campers down in Silver City NM! We'll still travel some, mostly in the winter happily! Our trustworthy Volvo "Gar" is now going up for sale . We just placed our ad in the "RV's, Tows, and Toads for Sale " section of the Escapees forum. 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 singled long and setup for several deck bed toys with a lifting bed. Please see our ad for more information. THANK YOU ALL! - Steve
  5. 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 Customized as a private truck for pulling heavy 5th Wheel RV's! with a lifting bed designed for Smart Car- Can Am Spyder or RZR900 $39,500 OBO. Full History since this truck left fleet service at 535k. Truck now has 624k and has been enjoyed by three Escapee RV'ers and is ready for the next. Previous Owners may be contacted with advanced permission required. The tires were just replaced in the Spring of 2018 with 6 new all position tires. Air conditioner has been replaced (2015) and annual inspections have been done as well. Interior improvements were done by 2L Custom, includes a trucker fridge, microwave, overnight sink & RAM computer swiveling work table. Large and tall drom box, 6500 QD Generator, 3000W Inverter, 100W solar panel w/ controller keeps batteries topped off, custom bed by 2L Custom Trucks. Henry S upgraded and installed the ET Hitch System (2014) and the truck has the Jackalope Conversion System. There are three 12' loading ramps 2k rated from Discount Ramps (Loading deck lift is designed for a Can Am Spyder). My wife Robin and I are downsizing to become seasonal campers and travelers looking for a smaller rig now. "Gar" (previously named "Joy Rider") has been awesome and is ready to keep on work'n for several more owners before it ever gets close to an overhaul. More details, dimensions & pictures available as well. contact me at 520-405-9125 or email me at stippey47@gmail.com Additional photos on this outside link. https://www.racingjunk.com/Tow-Vehicles/183942372/Private-RV-Hauler-Conversion.html#10
  6. SOLD! Thank you all! Gar/Joyrider will be posted for sale next.
  7. Please send me a private email. I don’t yet have a public linked photo website. Pictures are too big for posting here even if only a thumbnail. 😉 I can send a few directly to you and you can tell me what you’re needing. Thanks Tip
  8. We are just east of the Arizona/New Mexico border by Silver City NM. Price and details are also in the attached ad sheet. 53,900 OBO. Please let us know if you’d like additional information. Thanks so much for asking!
  9. SOLD! After three years of full time adventures we're making adjustments to continue traveling the USA and adding a travel base to include seasonal camping. We will spend more time in the land of enchantment in New Mexico's SW Gila Mountains. More photos and details available. Just ask and we'll send it along to you. We are also preparing to sell our wonderful "Gar" 2001 Volvo Truck previously known in the Escapee HDT world as "Joyrider" please keep an eye out in the next days as we prepare to sell it too! "GAR" is a 2001 White Volvo 660 singled long w/ VED12 465 3.58 - Eaton Fuller Auto-shift 10spd. 3 pedal- Onan QD 6500 Gen.
  10. Hi i repaired my return hose to the power steering reservoir but lost a lot of fluid in the process. Need to replenish but don’t know it’s capacity or what was in there! It was reddish clear fluid. I cannot find a manual showing recommended fluids or capacities yet. It may be atf fluid my CD with fluids info in missing... I do not want to depart until I can get a reading on the dip stick. Can you suggest what type of power steering fluid I can buy and how big the reservoir probably is? VNL64T660 2001 VED12 Engine 520-405-9125 stippey47@gmail.com or please reply thanks, Steve Tippey ( tipper)
  11. tippey

    Gen 1 VED12 engine

    Hi i repaired my return hose to the power steering reservoir but lost a lot of fluid in the process. Need to replenish but don’t know it’s capacity or what was in there! It was reddish clear fluid. I cannot find a manual showing recommended fluids or capacities yet. It may be atf fluid my CD with fluids info in missing... I do not want to depart until I can get a reading on the dip stick. Can you suggest what type of power steering fluid I can buy and how big the reservoir probably is? VNL64T660 2001 VED12 Engine 520-405-9125 stippey47@gmail.com or please reply thanks, Steve Tippey ( tipper)
  12. Decided to bite the bullet and ordered all new G114's with alum wheels from trailertireandwheel. These will replace my G614's for the rig. NOW tomorrow I'll go into Albuquerque and order new rubber for the Volvo. (Nope we did not win the lottery but we will win an extra measure of safety all around. What do I do with my alum 16" wheels and rubber? They will be delivering the new rig tires/wheels already bead balanced at the campground?
  13. We are in Albuquerque for at least one week as we change out all 5 of our 614's to new 114's coming from trailertireandwheels in OH. Today going into ABQ proper to order all new tires for the Volvo even though they look good the drives are 8 years old and the steers are 5 years old. Wondering how to properly dispose of my Rig's 16" wheels and tires??? Spent these first 4 days at Leisure Mountain in the foothills of ABQ and tomorrow we move to High Desert RV Park on the west side of ABQ for the following week before we head down to Elephant Butte for another couple of weeks before winter parking in Amado AZ at DeAnza Trails RV Resort. We'll see a lot of you along the Colorado River from Yuma to Quartzite starting in January and then the Escapees Escapade in Tucson next March! Had the best first Rally we could hope for in Hutch. Thank you all for your welcomes, tips, seminars & fun.. Especially to Trey and Susan for their hard work and excellent guidance on our Wheel/Tire woes.
  14. We've had our Gen I 2001 VNL64T660 for about a year now. It has not been driven more than about 6000 miles that only started last May. Regardless of this the steers and the drive tires should be replaced without much debate. The drives are all vintage 2008 Kelly's KSE's. Tread looks good but these have to be considered to be nearly as old as dirt. The steers are Toyo M127's from mid 2011 Mfg dates. I've looked at the HDT resource guide however I'd sure like to get a quick fix on my research by taking some suggestions from the forum on 2 areas where I need a little direction. I would like a general suggestion on recent brand preferences by members and it would be really helpful if I knew where I should be shopping for these. After we left the HDT rally in Hutchinson KS we are now in a holding pattern with a damaged carefree awning that broke away from its' tensioner side end cap which fractured. While we're here we need to find the best service to get the awning fixed, replace the Volvo tires and probably replace the tires/wheels on our 5th wheel too. (ouch) The rig tires & wheels will be selected based on Mark's excellent write-ups. From only a little bit of reading I hear that Kelly's are good and Yokohama's are as well. If anyone can help me get my 'short list' set I'd appreciate it. We had a wonderful time at our first HDT rally and we're looking forward to going the the Western rally in Idaho and we'd also love to return to Hutchinson. It was a wonderful learning experience for us. Tipper
  15. tippey

    National HDT Rally

    Finished registration last week! This will be our first HDT Rally and will be "Gars" first Rally but he has been to others as "JoyRider" My wife Robin and I are looking forward to learning more about what we've gotten ourselves into! :-) As we continue our process of 'setting up' our truck and our new to us rig we have a short list of must do's that includes finding someone to install our 2 voyager cameras we've never installed. Are there going to be vendors (not on the official list) or other HDT'ers that might consider making some extra money wiring them up to our 2001 660? I'm able to assist only as a helper. Having the wires routed in the cab/dash as well as getting them connected using the best method has to be left to someone with experience doing it. If the forum suggests that we NOT have it done while we're at the rally please let me know and we'll find another place to get r dun. Thanks and we'll see you in Hutchinson! Tipper
  16. We're in Spearfish SD for a few more days then heading to the Watertown SD area before we head for MN. We've new to SD and would love any suggestion for routing and camping between Rapid City and Watertown SD. It would be awesome if there are any lakeside HDT campgrounds or boondocks if that's even a possibility.
  17. SOLD! THANK YOU ALL. When we went full time about 3 months ago we decided that this phase would have us choose a 5th wheel for a rig and so we also purchased a Volvo HDT to pull our latest heavy full timer home on wheels. Our wonderful Class A 'part timer' rig we affectionately call MAX is the 35A model Adventurer. $57K OBO The coach is 35' 11" with only 27K on the biggest 24K Workhorse Chassis GM made 8.1 Liter and has a fantastic 6 speed Allison Transmission, Engine Exhaust Brake and I think every option they had available for the motorhome. We put new Michelin XPS rubber on when we purchased it in 2012. It is all in great condition and we upgraded the forward boat anchor TV to a Smart "M' series Vizio TV on a HD double armed articulating swivel arm mount. The color scheme is called "Salsa" and in wonderful condition throughout. We'll set up a link for pictures that will also show the garage we built for it to be protected from the elements. http://s1067.photobucket.com/user/Tipper47/library/Max?sort=3&page=1 The rig is currently available to be seen and test driven just south of Tucson at the DeAnza Trails RV Resort in Amado, AZ. We are currently traveling in our 5th wheel in the Northwest but can arrange for a test drive at anytime. We've created a sale flyer as a MS word file with pictures and a great deal of information that we can send anyone who'd like to know more about our MAX.
  18. We're in Spearfish SD in the Northern Black Hills now. Been here a week and maybe another week or so as we are still waiting for some documents to come in from the dealers that sold us our Car and 5th Wheel. We're staying at Chris's Campground at Exit 14 just east of Spearfish about 2 miles. We are just beginning to see the sights for our first time and will hit the area hard after the holiday weekend crazies are gone. Nice park here and HDT friendly. Full hookups and some large pull thru spaces too.
  19. Glad to hear you can monitor those tires & wheels! That to me is like having eyes under your rig watching everything. ;-) Many folks like the road that bypasses the prescott mountains. The biggest grade is pretty short lived as you'll climb up Yarnell Hill. There were some bad fires in that area a few weeks ago so be sure to check with AZDOT for closures this week. At Kirkland Junction turn off and go left through Kirkland & Skull Valley. It lets out right behind old Prescott. It's a great bypass of traffic. We've taken it with our Winnebago Adventurer 35A with a jeep toad with no issues. There's that short lived climb on Yarnell Hill. The rest is like a drive in the country! :-) We learned about it when we last stayed at the Escapees Rainbow Park at North Ranch. It's good road all the way (at least it was last year for us) It bypasses the 89 snake & the Prescott Mtn's altogether. If it gets too hot just stop at North Ranch for the night and enjoy a short cool arrival the next morning in Prescott Valley. We thought we'd discovered a new fishing hole when we took that route last year to head up to I-40 and then to Williams AZ. If you reroute I'd sure like to hear from you about what you thought about this detour. It may become your new favorite route between Yuma and all points heading north.
  20. Your new upgrades make sense. (of course I have that combination too) I've heard very little dissent about this kind of a build. For many it's the way all medium to heavy rigs should come from the factory. I said the same thing when I owned my Harley Davidson a few years ago. Most HD owners feel compelled to make significant upgrades immediately upon the purchase of a new HD. Harley makes a great bike but then puts mediocre appointments on them as they assume most Harley owners will 'personalize' (aka upgrade) them.
  21. I would not take much off your needed psi but I'm no expert. you do have some time to research before you leave and this is the right place to be! We've got to get on the road ourselves. We were going to leave Green Valley AZ/Amado AZ area a couple of days ago to 'beat this round of heat waves. We could not be ready in time so we've been laying low for the worst of this heat wave. We have to travel to South Dakota (via I-10 eastbound) on the Arizona leg of the trip. We must leave early Thursday am this week and it will be at least 112 throughout the week. Kind of sucks for us doesn't it? So you bring up vital points on the tire pressures. Are you running with a reliable TPMS that will give you psi and temp alarms if it gets out of range? We just put in a Pressure Pro system and we'll be watching all the tire psi's and driving slower and resting the rubber at a couple of extra rest stops too. I sure hope you consider the other opinions showing up on your post. Maybe you could leave pre-dawn to help too.
  22. Why did you choose I-17? Is Yarnell Hill Closed outside of Congress? That way is the very best way by going around the Prescott Mtn.s right into Prescott Valley via Prescott? From Wickenburg take a look at that route if you've not done so already. It is also our favorite back door from the west heading straight up to I-40 to all points east and west from there. I-17 is not our favorite climb except for ideal conditions.
  23. I'm learning Glenn. I saw for myself how much excessive tolerance can make all the difference between trouble and paradise. Thanks for the info.
  24. That's for sure Mark. I never want to risk life at any cost. Our 'new to us' rig has history that we've not put together yet and may never know so we're erring on the side of caution on just about everything until we feel like we know our rig pretty darn well.
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