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2002 Adventurer doors randomly won't open


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I have a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer. When I went to empty the garbage and then came back, my door was locked - I thought the dog did it. But no. I had to climb through a window to open it. Now I was just inside and went to go out and it wouldn't open - I had to call my neighbor. She got the door open by pushing in on the door while I opened it from the inside.


To add to this my driver's door won't open. But after letting me out of my coach, my neighbor when over to try the driver's door and it wouldn't open but when she came inside she opened it fine from the drivers seat. Once she closed it, she couldn't get it open again.


It's like there is some sort of hidden security thingy that makes my doors work then not work. Anyone have any idea why I would be having the same problem with two different doors?

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Problem solved. The local RV dealer took a look and all the mechanisms were fine. We have been in a cold spell and he attributed it to the drastic change in weather so he just spray the mechanisms with something and all it well. He also suggested Vaseline to lubricate them.

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. He also suggested Vaseline to lubricate them.

I would not use that for several reasons. Vaseline will get stiff in cold weather and might make the problem worse. In addition it will attract and hold dirt and grit in warm weather and could cause problems. I suggest that you use a dray spray of either silicone or of lithium lubricant. A molybdenum/lithium powder spray usually works quite well but will leave black marks if you use too much of it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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