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A video dicussing problems with later model PowerStroke diesels


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The gist of it, is that the newer the model, the more complex and costly to buy and repair is the engine. Along with being

more likely to a have engine failure and/or major fuel system problems. This of course is due to more emission controls.

Beside being costly to buy and repair, the emissions use more total fuel. Because fuel is burned to clean up the exhaust.

So, to me it is unclear this is helping the environment.


Diesel trucks are now much more costly and fewer people can afford them. To me a couple full timing in a 5er, pulled

by a diesel truck, would be energy efficient. Using less fossil fuel, because they tend to live in a small space to heat or cool

and stay in moderate temperature places. Like FL in Winter and MI in summer. Because this lifestyle is now much more

expensive, fewer people can participate. Also in Europe, many more people drive a diesel car, than in the US. The diesel

is generally about 1/3 more efficient than a gas engine.


The video points out that the 7.3L Power Stroke, was the best because it was simple and had no emissions equipment

added on to it. I also have a feeling truckers will remove troublesome emissions equipment when they get a chance.

So, I don't think these new regs, will do anything good for anybody.


At one point I had planned to buy a diesel truck & 5er. I had hoped Toyota or Nissan would come out with one. Nissan

did, but with all the untested equipment, I won't buy one. The cost will also be much higher than in the past as well.



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