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Torklift Glow Step & stable loads review


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I have been field trialing Torklifts new Glow Steps for them, for awhile now. What a great product. My wife has mobility issues and I am currently leading a Mexican Caravan with my sister who has MS. They are a boon to anyone with any stabiitiy problems. I did have some issue initially with parking next to raised pads and adjusting them, but once I decided to read the instructions, I was OK. LOL. There are only 2 negatives with them that I can find:


1) If you drive away with them down it could be nasty. That is the nature of them and I advise a steering wheel note if you are absent minded like I am


2) there is a separate retaining pin that I think they could build into the steps instead.


No more diving board effects.


I am also field trialing Torkifts stable loads. Since I am in the land of over a million speed bumps (Topes) and an El Nino rainy season is affecting the roads, it is a good test for them. I like them much better than airbags, they do a lot to control side to side sway, especially towing a trailer. I tested them out last year with a truck camper with much the same results. One test involved falling asleep at the wheel and being woken up when i hit the rumble strips on the opposite side. A quick adrenaline fueled correction and the truck & camper remained upright. I suspect that may have not been the case without them.


Best part is that Torklift is actually an American company, employing Americans and making American products. I have yet to spot a made in china part in any of their products. That alone deserves support these days.

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