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RV Garage Advice Needed


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We are building a home in Montana and I want to include a garage for both my truck with pop-up camper and a class A coach. We do not yet have the coach, but it will likely be a National Sea Breeze LX 8321 (or something very similar). It will have two doors; the truck door 10'w x 12'h.


I'm trying to decide on door size for the coach. Currently I have a 12'w x 14'h and the interior ceiling height at 14' as well. Based on what I can find on coach roof heights w/AC units, that seems to be adequate... but figured I get some feedback from the forum.


Also, I currently have the coach side width (their is an interior wall part way down length) at 20'. Do you think that's wide enough to allow reasonable access around the slides?



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Our RV barn is 16' X 48' with a 10' wide door and 14' high. You want a 12' wide door I have to loosen and fold my mirrors in to fit. If I did it again I would make it at least 20' wide with a 12' door the 16' I can extend my sides barely and you have to be right in the center . You can't walk around the RV with the sides out.

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12' wide x 14' tall door will work well for a class a. My slab/cover is 18' wide and I can walk around the rig with the slides out. 20' width would be excellent. My coach is 40' long and cover is 50' so comfy walking space around each end. I wouldn't want it much tighter, especially on an enclosed building.

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I am currently building an RV garage. I am building a 35' x 50' building with 17' side walls. I went with 17' side walls so I could make my doors 15' tall. My trailer is 13' 6" tall and I have a slightly inclined driveway approach. I didn't want to take any chances with the incline and only 4" of clearance on a 14' door. Angles can play havoc with your height. I will have two 14' wide by 15' tall roll up doors. I wanted lots of clearance for height and width because of the slight incline on the driveway and because it won't be a perfectly straight shot backing into the garage.


If you are level the whole way and are a straight shot to back in, you can get away with a 12' wide by 14' tall door. The extra width of a 14' wide door makes the margin for error a little bigger though.

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