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Internet for Canadians...anything new?

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Hi folks....trying to figure out what my fellow Canadians are doing for internet access this winter. I am looking online and havent found much...most posts are 2 to 3 years old and that dont help.


Previous years we have used a t-mobile hotspot and if the coverage is there it works ok but there are places where there is no coverage. Maybe its improving...dunno for sure.

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We have T-Mobile phones with international plan. Unlimited talk text and LTE data USA and in Canada. No more CND phones.


Works great while in Canada for us. On Bell and Rogers LTE During winter in south it's fine. Coverage is mostly good. Was best for both situations. We do have 5 g hot spots as well. $125 all in per month for both phones.


I looked at Verizon with Canada plan but no data in Canada and cost was more. Better coverage in USA but needed one phone for all year.


For data on other devices we have Verizon jet pack with 10 g plan. Put in suspension for summer. Only need it in winter.

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If you are Canadian and looking for an American Plan, then check out the Non-contract Phone Companies. I doubt that T-Mobile will Sell to a Canadian with a Canadian address.


So, Consumer Cellar maybe be a good option for you. As you can change your plan as you go.

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We have tried Consumer Cellular in the past, they wouldn't touch us as we had no U.S. Address. In the past we also used Verizon with a mifi for data and TracPhone for cell. Verizon was great Trac Phone was less than stellar.

This year we are going to give Roam Mobility a whirl, they are a Canadian company that uses T-Moblle so we will see. Some folks used it last year and were happy but they were in more high volume areas. You can use it with an unlocked iPhone by buying a sim card from Roam. We will see how it works in the fringe areas we travel in.


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Yes you need a US address for T-Mobile I manage to make that work using a friends. All service is done online and auto pmt on our Canadian CC.


We tried pay as you go phones but had issues and only good in US new SIM card and number every fall when dormant for the summer. Also had to get another setup in Canada for summer. Real

pain and $$$


So far the new plan at T-Mobile works pretty good for us. A bit of a trade off of coverage at odd time but the best overall for us.

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Well, I just signed-up for the Snow-Bird option on Roam Mobility, using their SIM on an iPhone.

They promise it is user friendly as a hot-spot to wirelessly tether to a laptop.

The advantage is pricing right now, CDN dollars makes it nearly 30% cheaper than a US provider and no US address.

I'll report back in a month or so with an appraisal of the deal.



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Up-date on the Roammobility plan for Snowbirds: I have been using their offering now for 10 days.

The service on the eastern part of the country is fairly good, it is on the T-Mobile network, so as Billr mentioned it is reliable.

The 4G is set at 4Gig a month, and I am so far doing well with that allotment.

For $49.95 cdn a month, it is just fine.

Unlimited talk, text throughout North America.



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