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"Search" feature for Escapees Magazine


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Sue & I are trying to locate past articles in the Escapees Magazine archives but came up empty. We logged into the escapees.com site and used the search field but got no results for words I know I've read imbedded in previously published articles. I also tried an advanced search for the word "solar" and tried again with "solar panels" but again, nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark

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NH2, are you trying the website search tool, up in the top right corner? I don't think it searches the magazine contents.


I don't think the back issues are open to the public or open to the search engines so they are not going to help.



If you click the "view articles" here:




You get a page that gives the contents and has another search box on the black divider graphic:




That gave me hits on Solar going back to 2008.

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Thanks for your help. The page you linked (second link) brought me to a search feature that worked like a charm but not for magazine articles—or at least none that I could see.
After logging in, I began using the box in the upper-right corner of the Escapees home page but when it came up with "No Results" it popped open this window which I interpret as having the ability to search keywords in past issues of the Escapees magazine.

(see attached)



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Well, the final word is...

Can't be done.
I called the SKP's office to describe my issue with searching for articles in back issues of the Escapee's Magazine.
Kelly kindly took my call but told me there is no way to search for topics within the magazines.

Hmmm. I would think that new members would find it quite valuable to search topics covered in past issues.

Sue and I are interested in writing articles for our magazine but hesitate to do so as we don't know if a particular topic had been covered 4 months ago, 4 years ago or never at all.


I tried using Google Advanced Search as it is a tool used to search for topics/keywords within a specific domain. Sure, I was able to get results for the forum but not the magazine.

I wonder why this hasn't come up before? :blink:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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