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Amazon warehouse deals

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Interesting. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with "Amazon warehouse deals"? I had an item I was looking at a while ago, but it's fairly large and didn't have anywhere to ship a UPS item yet so I stuck it in my wish list. I went to look at it today (it's always fun to see if the price has dropped since it was added), and I received a pop up for a "warehouse deal" that was for the same item but about 65% less than the item in my wish list. It gave a description stating that the packing box will be damaged and may have minor cosmetic damage to the lower side. It looks like it is legit, but I've never seen that before. It said there was only 1 in stock so I jumped on it. Worst case I'm out 37 bones so I took a chance. It didn't have the "fulfilled by Amazon" or "ships from and sold by" tag like I'm used to seeing, but it was prime eligible and went through the normal ordering process.


In the "by:" section it said "Amazon warehouse deals, Inc." so I'm wondering if it's just some third party scratch and dent place that happens to sell through Amazon. I've been trying to pull up the actual listing page from my order, but it only pulls up the original listing I was looking at with the full price. There's nothing there referencing the actual price I paid (other than in the "your orders" section) or indicating it's part of any kind of "deal" through Amazon.


Did I just get scammed or have others had experience with those pop-ups? I guess I'll find out in a couple days, right. :P

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No, you weren't being scammed. Amazon Warehouse deals can often be a great way to get a discount on an item in return for accepting a slightly dented carton or something similar.


To see a full listing of current deals, just put Warehouse Deals into the Amazon search bar. You can also find them when you're looking at an item if you click on the "Used and New" link at the right side of any product page in the pricing area. For any particular item at any moment in time there may or may not be warehouse deals available since they are usually only 1 or 2 of a kind.


IMO sometimes the deals are worth it; sometimes not. One nice thing about Amazon's approach is that if you order one of the Deals and aren't pleased with it's condition you can return it without any problems. So if the condition is much worse than described, or if something doesn't work when they said it did, you aren't at risk.

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To see a full listing of current deals, just put Warehouse Deals into the Amazon search bar.


Thanks, Docj. I hadn't been able to find a Warehouse Deals department in the menu's which I think is what threw me. I've purchased through Amazon on a regular basis for years and never knew. ;)


By way of update: My item arrived with prime 2 day, on time, but I wasn't ready to run down into town unto today. One corner of the box was taped up, but was rigid and not crushed in any way. The item itself. I've been up and down every inch of it twice and can't detect any type of damage or even a blemish. Not so much as a smudge. It appears new.. still has the mfg's tags and original packing material. Better condition than some of the things I've purchased new. :P


Another excellent Amazon experience and tickled as toast at the 65% off. I'm most amazed they just popped it up when I went to my wish list. I never would have even thought to go looking for a deal like that.

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I bought a tablet as a warehouse deal since it saved me about $75. The biggest drawback was I was unable to use Amazon to return it once it didn't perform as spec'd. Fortunately, ASUS stood behind the product and I was only out the $12 it cost to mail it back for servicing.

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