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Thermostat bad...


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Last month, among other repairs, I had a new thermostat installed. Now it won't work. The fan switch will turn on the fan, but it will not run the a/c nor the furnace. I checked for a vapor lock. I checked the fuse in the thermostat. It ran the a/c and the furnace fine for a week or two, then yesterday it quit running a/c and furnace. Any ideas other than getting a new thermostat?

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Knowing the type of thermostat you have would help us to provide accurate suggestions, a picture would be even better! In some models the switches are quite poor in quality. I occasionally need to fiddle with ours to get things working properly but so far no out n out failure.




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It might help to know what a/c and thermostat you have. If you want it, I have an extra Dometic, like this which someone could have for $20, including shipping since I have no use for it now.


If you visit the Dometic Customer Support website you can find manuals for their products if you do not have one.

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