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Installing 30 amp plug in pole barn


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We are running a plug for our motor home in our pole barn We know to run 110 not 220. We have the single pole 30 amp breaker for in the box. Our question is what plug to install at the plug for the camper. A regular house plug and use the adapter or a 30 amp plug with no adapter. If 30 amp plug is it the same plug as dryer plug or is there a special RV plug? Thanks

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Go to home depot or lowes and get the 30A rv plug in the weatherproof case for like $30.00

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DSV, FIRST lets get the terms correct and I AM GUESSING you're installing a 120 volt 30 amp RV Receptacle correct??? I ask because that's only a 120 volt receptacle, but you stated you don't know how to run 220 but also stated 30 Amp???????????? 220 would be necessary for the 120/240 Volt 50 Amp RV's and would require a Two (NOT One) Pole Circuit Breaker in your panelboard.


NO its NOT the same as a Dryer Receptacle


YES there's a "special" RV Plug and Receptacle


An RV 120 Volt 30 Amp Receptacle (which your 30 Amp RV male plug fits into and is found on RV Park Power Pedestals) IS A NEMA TT30R Female Receptacle. That's also known as a 120 volt 30 Amp 2 Pole 3 Wire Grounding RV Receptacle. I've seen them at Menards and you can also buy a rectangular plastic or metal box they mount and fit into plus the cover plate. Lowes or Home Depot??? Or about any RV dealer. If you use a metal box to mount the Receptacle into, it must be connected to the Bare/Green Equipment Grounding Conductor (as is the Ground terminal on the Receptacle well DUH), none needed of course if its a plastic box.


It wires up to your home or garage panelboard and is fed from a 30 amp 120 Volt SINGLE POLE CIRCUIT BREAKER.


You can run wire FROM the Panels 30 Amp Single Pole Circuit Breaker TO the NEMA TT30R RV Female Receptacle by the use of 10/2 w/ground (means 2 insulated conductors plus a bare Equipment Grounding Conductor, 3 total) 10 Gauge Romex (if in suitable locations) or Gray Type UF (Underground Feeder) 10/2 w Ground cable which is rated for direct earth burial if needed. You can run 10/2 w/ground Romex (typical indoor use in certain locations),,,,,,,,, or type 10/2 w/ground UF Cable rated for direct burial if needed,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or 3 separate 10 Gauge THHN Insulated conductors inside conduit. If you use UF buried outdoors, it needs to be in protective conduit where it rises up out of the ground into a receptacle box. As I best recall that (up out of ground) needs to be Rigid or IMC Conduit, NOT plastic.


Use Black for the Ungrounded (Hot) Conductor,,,,,,,,,,,White for the Grounded (Neutral) Conductor,,,,,,,,,,,,Green/Bare is the Equipment Grounding Conductor from Panelboard to the RV Receptacle.


In the Panel, Black goes to the 30 Amp Single Pole Circuit Breaker,,,,,,,,,White to the Neutral Buss Bar (where other whites are all connected) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bare/Green to the Equipment Ground Buss (where all other Green/Bares are connected).


In our jurisdiction the last time we ran power inside a pole barn with a concrete floor THE LOCAL INSPECTION AUTHORITY considered such the same as if it were outdoors and required Ground Fault Protection. No idea where you're at or if any NEC is adopted or applicable IM ONLY SAYIN. If the RV receptacle is outdoors I would want some sort of a NEMA 3R drip proof or rain proof housing/enclosure like the drop down/over covers in RV Park Power Pedestals. If its inside the pole barn none needed.


PS if the RV is a 120/240 volt 50 Amp, you need a TWO POLE 240 Volt 50 Amp Circuit Breaker, Use 4 No 6 Wires, 2 Hots, Neutral, Ground, and a 50 Amp 3 Pole 4 Wire Grounding RV Receptacle.


PS if the distance is excessive where voltage drop is an issue, you may need to use bigger wire


NOTE I have no way of knowing if your garage or Pole Barn panel was wired as a true SUB Panel with separate and isolated Neutral and Ground Busses, how may wires were ran to it, if its correctly grounded and configured or not ??????????????????


I'm rusty on all this, been retired from EE too long, and there's more I missed I'm sure, SO NO WARRANTY See what the other fine sparky gents have to say also. I may be wrong as rain grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



John T

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