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Towing Toyota stick - older Pickup


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I'm picking up my 'new to me' Nemar MH in the next few days in Sun City. I have a small '92 Toyota pickup that is in pristine condition with a 5-speed manual transmission. I need to get it set up to for towing and have been given a Roadmaster 5250. Their website says the mounting bracket for this truck is part #1117-1 so I guess the physical side of the hook-up will work. The "specialist" at CW said that the tranny on my pickup "may" not be compatible with my plans due to lubrication issues.


Does anyone have experience and/or comments on these older Toyota 5-speed transmissions ?

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I towed my '90 Toyota 4-speed P/U without any problems. What you need to find out is if the '92's tranny gears will lube themselves while being towed. Mine were in the the fluid far enough to splash it around to keep the gears lubed.

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Good answer. I checked with the REMCO website but unfortunately they only go back to 1996 so didn't find any help there. You might try contacting them as they are sure to know since they have been in business far longer than that and are a great source of information. The fellow at CW was correct in warning you about this as it removes any responsibility on his part. I suspect that a good Toyota mechanic could also tell you if your transmission will be lubed while towing.

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is it 4x4??

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I tow my '95 Toyota Tacoma 5-speed 4x4 with no problems. Also, the Roadmaster clips were pretty easy to install on mine, as they simply replaced the bolted-on factory tow-hooks. Anyone that can turn a socket wrench can do it.

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A good person to ask would be Marlin Crawler they specialize in 4x4's but will know the answer to your 2 wheel drive transmission question.

Mr. Marlin is an innovator in the 4 wheel drive world and has worked with Toyota transmissions and transfer cases for many years. Here is there contact info. http://marlincrawler.com


If you can not tow that transmission 4 down there is a company that sells a drive shaft disconnect for Toyota's. We use these on 4x4 rock crawlers for flat towing and doing front wheel burns. Not sure it will work for a 2 wheel drive so call before before purchasing.


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