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alan bond australian hero or villain, dead


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This is for any aussies touring in the us who may not have heard, alan bond died on Friday morning the fifth of june 2015 in the new Fiona Stanley hospital in perth western Australia following complications after a heart valve replacement.


he was 77


He had recently returned from London to perth to have this surgery.


Bondy will be remembered for having a huge impact on Australia for better and worse.


R.I.P. bondy.



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Its been a huge week here in western Australia for the media both tv and newspapers with the death of alan bond and public opinion is divided as to whether he was a saint or a crook, but what ever your opinion is he was

larger than life west Australian character who was the last of the "four on the floor" entrepreneurs of the

seventies and eighties from perth to pass on, the laws would never let people wheel and deal like that these





His funeral mass was held at St patricks basilica Adelaide st freemantle W.A the burial was a private affair

and I think it was appropriate his wake was held at the Royal PERTH Yatch Club where as a member he took the

Americas cup back to after winning it in 1983 after many attempts.


BruceT are you a sandgroper? or am I thinking of somebody else




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