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Switching from Dish to Direct - How hard is it?

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I own and had installed a Winegard satellite on the roof of my motorhome two years ago. I also own my own receiver that I bought specifically for this use. It was installed by Camping World in Florida. Also, I have a month-to-month contract with Dish, so that is not a problem. I am fed up with Dish for dropping Ovation, which was my favorite channel.


So what is involved in switching to DirectTV?? Do I need to buy a new receiver? I cannot find my old satellite on the Winegard or the Camping World sites, and they now seem to sell a satellite that works specifically with Direct.


And of course, the folks at Direct TV cannot give me any information at all, and suggest I call an RV dealer. (That is not a good start, to say the least.) They could not even tell me which channel lineups were available. Has that much changed in the last two years???? It seems that two years ago, the information was easy to find online.


Or am I just jumping from the proverbial frying pan to the fire???

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Dish and DirecTV use their own receivers. If you Winegard is a dome dish, then it can be switchedfrom Dish to DirecTV.


Are you sure you want to drop Dish for one channel?


What you lose. With DirecTV and the dome, you will only receive SD programming. Dish has better options for RVers than DirecTV.

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