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Vet's widow wins neglect case in Tucson


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Money won't bring him back and $750,000 isn't enough for the VA to really care about but at least it is something.


Obituary: http://obits.syracuse.com/obituaries/syracuse/obituary.aspx?pid=152486784


News story about the court findings.




A snip, see the full article at the link above.


A federal judge this month awarded $750,000 to the widow of a paraplegic man who died two days after arriving at the Tucson VA emergency room to seek treatment for stomach pain.

The judge found four doctors at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System failed to meet standards of care for James Massara, whose complaints of stomach pain cascaded into dehydration and collapsed veins. The 56-year-old U.S. Navy veteran died less than 48 hours after arriving at the Tucson hospital.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernardo P. Velasco wrote in the April 6 judgment that "doctors in charge of Mr. Massara ... fell below the appropriate standard of care" by failing to give him fluids and remove a bowel obstruction in time.
Massara's widow, Susan Massara, said that she was grateful for the award but misses her husband every day. The couple moved to Arizona in 2010 from Syracuse, N.Y.
"We missed out on so many things we planned to do here," said Susan, who also is paraplegic and relied on her husband for companionship and daily assistance. "I feel I was robbed of my spouse, my best friend and the love of my life."
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Lots of good to go with the bad. As I said I have had great care and crappy care all in one visit more than once at VA hospitals and clinic. As recently as last Oct. I had the generator and a lead replaced on my pacemaker at Albq. VA and was treated great. Then they said I could go home a little earlier and I asked them to call my friend to pick me up. Then when he got there he was told I wasn't there when he tried to find me. I was right upstairs in a recovery area. I guess he talked to one of the crappy one that didn't want to be do the right thing and help him find where I was.

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Money won't bring him back and $750,000 isn't enough for the VA to really care about but at least it is something.


I wonder if they'll appeal it.


Makes me glad I didn't stay in. After I got out of the Navy the Air National Guard had a recruitment effort and I joined them and had a real blast! Lots of toys to play with and no one really bossing us around. Other than a few rattlesnakes at the Yakima Firing Center it was all good. But real work took priority and I got out.


VA and BIA seem to be about the same... they work with a minority subset of people - often the same subset that the agency bureaucrats themselves are members of - but somehow haven't figured it out.



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