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VZ Hotspots and MBR95


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In 2014, we upgraded from a VZ 3G unlimited plan, to a 10gig 4G plan. We have a Cradlepoint MBR95 router, and a UML290 USB card.

For the winter, we backed our data plan back to 2gig of 4g, and put the USB card on vacation rate. We used a TWC cable-modem here. We'll need to return that modem soon, and hit the road.

We have 2 android smartphones, and either can be a "hotspot". I can connect the MBR95 to either phone. Ya, I tried it.

The UML290 costs $20 a month, as do each of the phones. I'm thinking about using the phones for internet, through the router, and using the $20 for a few more gigs of internet.

Do you see any problems with my plan?

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Many of the people on this Forum are using phones as hotspots. Since you don't have to pay for hotspot capability with your Verizon plan you can use both phones for this so there will always be one at home to provide internet access. Most, if not all, Android 4G phones support simultaneous voice and data so using the phone as a hotspot doesn't limit your use of it for voice calls. If you keep it in a Wilson sleek cradle to improve signal, just use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone for voice calls.

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+1 to docj's remarks. I have a Wilson Sleek back in the bedroom (connected to an outside antenna on the roof) and put my Android smartphone in it and start up PDAnet, put my Bluetooth earpiece on and every tablet, Raspberry Pi, and laptop in the RV can get on line.


I have to add that since I upgraded smart phones to the Samsung Note 3 I don't use the laptop or tablet much at all any more so I don't have to tether them as much, either. That form factor (shared by the new iPhones) seems to be a reasonably good balance between phone and tablet; good enough for quick references while going down the road.



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By wifi. I need to keep the connection for the MBR95. I have a wireless printer, and also a wired 2TB personal cloud. The MBR95 will let me connect wireless or 1 wired to multiple internet sources. Usually works, unless the IP has a signup screen to navigate through. Tengo gives me problems.


The current plan I'm on has VZ hotspots on both phones for no charge.


I expect to use my Samsung S3 mostly. If I get 4 calls a week- that's a big week. DW, on the other hand...........


Great idea to use a bluetooth headset to answer/make calls while hooked to power.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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