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Anyone put a futon in their rig?

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We have a small love seat (not a sleeper) in the 5er and 2 recliners. The love seat is too small and we have room for a full size futon. The reason I'm looking at futons is weight and they come apart which means I can get it through the door. We went by a RV furniture place but they didn't have anything that would work plus it's all leather or pleather and I want cloth. The futon would only weigh about 150lbs.

Has anyone done this? I'm new to all this so tell me if you don't think this will work. I'm open to options!!


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A futon would work well in our motor home but I'd probably have to build it to fit. Certainly lighter and much easier to get at the gear underneath the OEM sofa (which is practically impossible!). Lighter in weight too. And if you build it from quality wood to match the rest of your wood work it would even be attractive. Our interior is all walnut and the OEM sofa is white faux leather which helps brighten the coach. But I think a futon with a nice indian motif cloth covering would look pretty good. Easy to try it... and if you don't like it just put everything back the way it was. Out maybe $200.



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We put a futon in our slide. It wasn't specially made, and works great. It doesn't slide around, though we don't have it tied down in any way. We are in a Class A. When it dies we will get two recliners though, as we don't get the visitors we thought we might. Its more comfortable than our stock mini-couch, but not as comfortable as our s&b couch was. We knew that going into it though- have had a futon before.

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I hate futons. I am 5'4" tall, but very uncomfortable to sit on for me. Seats are too long so I have to scoot forward to bend my legs over the front edge, which then puts me too far from the back to sit comfortable. Maybe I'd feel differently if I was taller. A sofa would be much more comfortable and maybe lazy z boy has one that the back comes off just like the recliners they have.

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