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2000 Winnebago Brave SE M-26P

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I have a 2000 Winnebago Brave SE with the Workhorse 12500 chassis. I have lost all headlights, the horn does not work, when light switch is on, signal lights do not work, like there is a large power draw. Signal lights work, but both dash lights come one as well as the bright light indicator when I turn on signals. Wipers work, 4-way flashers still work, but slow way down if the light switch is turned on, again a very large power draw. What I was doing when this happened. I switched from brights to dims cause I was pointing at my neighbors house. I noticed that the lights flickered, so I did it again. They flickered again. The 3rd time they all four went out and stayed out. I took a look at the signal combo switch in the steering column, it looks to be still in good condition. Before I buy or tear into any other systems. I was hoping someone has an idea what this is before it starts racking up the repair dollars?



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Welcome to the Escapee forums! Sorry that it took problems to bring you here, but we will do all that we are able to assist and support you.


There should be a relay that controls the headlights and that would be the first place I'd look I would also put a volt meter on the system to observe what the voltage is with everything off, then as you turn things on. A sudden drop in voltage would indicate what is causing the problems.

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