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Showers & Dogs


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Yes, there are showers on the grounds and are shown on the pocket map you'll receive when you arrive. Don't forget that this is just a "fairgrounds" so they are not "resort showers". :)


Here is the pet policy:

All buildings (including the market areas and The ROW) are pet-free (with the exception of certified service animals in working mode). If your pet is outside, it must be in a carrier, restrained in an appropriate manner, or on a short (8-foot or less) leash if being exercised. And please remember: pet + baggie = responsible owner!


I hope this helps!




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When I read your topic line I first thought you were needing showers FOR your dogs! (Ha-Ha) But it did remind me of a rally we went to at a county fairgrounds. Exhibitors were taking their goats into the showers to clean them for judging. Who would of thunk? Dave.

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