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WiFiRanger dropping Internet Connections

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I am having trouble with the WifiRanger dropping internet connection.


WFR Go (Phantom 7.01 Firmware)

Boost (Ubiquiti Bullet)

Cellular Connection - Verizon Jetpack 6620L

Campground wifi at this location - is good through netgear equipment and high speed (Austin, TX)


Seems as though each time a new user/computer starts to browse or connect to the router, the router (WFR Go) drops the connection to the internet. It does not matter if I am connected to the campground wifi or to Cellular data through the jetpack. It does not matter if I am connected to the campground through the boost or through the internal wifi of the GO.


After a few attempts to reconnect and get booted off the internet connection, It then seems to allow the connection to become stable with the additional device connected.


At first, I thought is was Susan's overwhelming electromagnetic charm, charisma and kindness causing interferance, but it also happens when I am alone working on two devices.


It may not be the additional device connecting to the network, but it does seem to happen regularly when this occurs. It is tricky to find a way to troubleshoot some of these unstable conditions.


Just wondering if anyone else has had similar type issues.


A possibily unrelated issue is that if I do lose connection through the Boost then when I try to reconnect I cannot until I power down the boost (remove power from the AC POE for 30 seconds) then reboot and I can connect again through the Boost. If I try to connect using the Boost without disconnecting power I cannot get the campground router to assign an IP to the Boost.

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Hi Trey:


To my knowledge no one has reported having the particular problem you are experiencing. Offhand I can't think of what would be causing it to happen. The only thing I can think to do is to dump a log file from the router after you have experienced a disconnect. Send the file to me at jweiss@wifiranger.com and I'll forward it to the software developer. If there's something going on he'll be able to spot it. Make sure you send me the WiFiRanger ID # for your router (the "77" number).


As for the issues with the Boost, have you updated it to the latest firmware version? That's the first thing we usually suggest to folks who are having issues with one of those.



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Whenever my WiFi Mobile drops connection it is generally related to the park WiFi rather than the Mobile. The speed is really affected by the Park WiFi. I find myself using our Jetpack for most things and the Mobile for larger downloads. (I just put up with the slower speeds)

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I have experienced similar symptoms when multiple devices are acting as the DHCP manager. When this happens the IP address assignment may conflict and erratic behavior is the result (think of two phones with the same number).


Verify DHCP settings on the devices. Only 1 boss.



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