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Intel roadmap update: Skylake on track for 2015, will debut alongside Broadwell-K


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We've heard about the talk of separating touch and the start page for tablets, Phones, and All In Ones with touch, and Windows Phones. We know they are dropping Windows RT that could run on the less capable processors being used in todays smartphones. But when we put the rumors of selectable or separated touch and desktop/laptop non touch versions from the same SKU, I was worried that the development cycles would diminish like they did for RT, as would support, and Windows phones and tablets wink out of existence. Boy was I wrong. If you pair that info, with the info in the article about Intel's new Airmont this year then Goldmont next, which could be used on both Tablets and phones. Now some will interpret that as a chip that only supports limited tablets and phones like Android and I think that is the case too. But I just don't think the fast work and frenzy over in Richmond have nothing to do with the Intel progress. Wintel?


We will know by the end of the year.


"In tablets, Intel will continue to lean on the combination of its separate XMM 7260 modem and the Bay Trail/Moorefield combination until the back half of the year, when its 14nm die-shrink of Atom (codenamed Airmont) will be paired with a refreshed, purportedly Broadwell-based GPU.

Then Goldmont (refreshed Atom architecture) debuts in 2016, followed by a unified SoFIA device that will combine the tablet and smartphone markets with a single, addressable product that can match both."


The link here: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/194925-intels-comprehensive-roadmap-update-4g-tablets-skylake-on-track-for-h2-2015/2



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