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Purchase Of Directv DVR

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This weekend I called Direct to connect a DVR I received from a friend that had quit Direct and had gone back to viewing local channels only. I was informed they would not transfer the DVR to my account as it was leased and too old to return. I remember years ago they would easily do this transfer. Is there any way around this refusal to turn on this used DVR? ? If not, where could I buy one at a reasonable price?

Jim Ault. overlander1@live.com


I called back and since my previous conversation was posted, they knew what I wanted and it didn't work to sneak up on them to "change their mind".


So where is a deal for me to buy a DVR?

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go on e bay or amazon and search out for owned DVR ask the seller for the serial number and ird number and then call directv's acces card dept 1-855-802-3473 and run the serial numbers to make sure that it is an owned box and not a leased box. if it's a leased box then they will lock you into another 2 year contract!!! and you def want to make sure that it's not stolen!! they won't activate it and your out of your money I know that customers were selling the DVR'S and HD boxes and directv was having a major problem with that!! you'll be forced to pay 25.00 for a new access card also per box!! I also know that directv forces business to buy the boxes and all equipment and they don't allow business to lease



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to be honest all the genie dvr's are leased. there's no such thing as an owned genie system!! there's a lady on the directv forum who bought one that directv told her it was an owned unit and the unit was clean. so she bought it had them send her a new access card and set up her account and they didn't give her none of the special promotions discounted programming nothing. and when she disconnected service they charged her 199.00 after they told her it was owned. sorry I don't trust directv as far as I could throw them!! and it's a shame to because they do have great programming.

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In today's world with the tech changes as they are, purchasing DVRs has little or no value. At Dish, you pay the same subscription rate rented or purchase.


The only apparent value to a purchased unit is the lack of a two year contract. Even there, the walk away price is less than what the purchase would be. And RVers usually have to make some vendor specific purchases which makes walking away less appealing.

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