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Pulling Batteries


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It would depend on the nature of your converter. Personally, to be safe and not worry about hot cables, I'd unplug the converter before pulling the batteries. An hour without DC power shouldn't hurt anything and it will be safer. Of course, be sure you know which cable goes to positive and which to negative. Mark one of the connectors if it isn't obvious.


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Your DC circuits would be run by the charger/converter if you pull the house batteries. Depending upon the converter, you may end up with higher voltage that would be good for your electrical devices. I would do as Russ (It's About Time, above) suggested and unplug or trip the breaker on the charger/converter.



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Good answers, but be very careful with water as there will still be 12V power in there from the converter. The refrigerator, furnace, water heater and water pump all need 12V in order to operate. When I have done that job, I usually just disconnect all power for the hour or so that it requires.

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I'd unplug too, safer and less hassle for a short cleanup project.


If you think it may be longer term without the batteries connected figuring out your converter type is a good idea, many newer converters are happy to run your low power 12 volt stuff with no batteries. Running jacks or slides may be iffy with smaller converters that depend on the batteries to supply the high currents needed.


Sticking the hot battery lead in a plastic pill bottle and adding a few wraps of electrical tape to keep it inside is a good idea if you want to remove the batteries and run off converter power. An accidental short can lead to big sparks and a fried converter if the converter's internal fuses aren't quick enough.

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I had our rig on only the converter for over a week when I rebuilt the basement area and turned the battery tray area into a storage drawer for our small generator. To be safe I taped over the cable end and tied them up out of the way. No problems.




PS Our converter is a Progressive Dynamics 9280.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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