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Apple machine graphics problem? Free fix maybe


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I saw this and thought it might apply to someone here with a Mac.






The iPhone giant said its expensive notebooks must be repaired to address faulty video hardware that causes frequent restarts, distorted graphics and blank screens. The crappy models are the 15in and 17in Macbook Pros manufactured in 2011, and in the 15in Macbook Pros with Retina made in 2012 and 2013.

Fans can take the laptops directly to Apple or to an authorized repair shop to have the work done. The repair service kicks off on February 20 in the US and Canada, and February 27 in other countries. Additionally, those who ponied up their own money for repairs on the covered models can obtain a refund from Apple.


More there as well as links to other related information.

First rule of computer consulting:

Sell a customer a Linux computer and you'll eat for a day.

Sell a customer a Windows computer and you'll eat for a lifetime.

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