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Winegard Rayzar Automatic - RZ8500 series

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In earlier threads, I mentioned we are setting up our coach TV for both a new Satellite and OTA.


Winegard Rayzar Automatic RZ-8500 is the OTA I'm now considering. I've tried searches here and on Google, and found very little info/reviews on how it performs in the real world.




Does anyone know of how they seem to work? Or are they too new to the market place?


I like the low profile for lack of shadows potential impacting the Solar Panels.


I currently have the older Winegard RSxxxx that looks like the Star Trek Enterprise, and would mount the RZ-8500 in this same location.


I do still plan on adding a Winegard manual crank mast to the roof, but that would be to mount A/B WiFi antennas (A = WiFi Ranger Omni Billet with the new antenna mast to replace the 3dBi OEM antenna. And B = Yagi 14 dBi antenna for times that Omni is not able to pull in a distant signal.) I have one location on the roof that the raised mast should not shade the Solar Panel except in extreme low sun angles. So I could add a manually aimed antenna for OTA TV viewing.


But I like the automatic feature for the DW, who is adept at electronics as I am at waltzing!!!


Opinions on the RZ-8500 appreciated.


TIA, and best to all,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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