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Using the WiFiRanger "conduit" capability to create a video monitor (pet cam)


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A new feature of the WiFiRanger Phantom firmware (7.0.1) is the ability to create a "conduit" (a secure tunnel) to any device on your private network without the need for port forwarding or other special setups. This enables you to remotely access a device from anywhere you have an internet connection. For example, using your smartphone you could monitor your pet while you're away from your RV using a video camera connected to your network.


Although many people are aware that pet cams can be created using web-enabled "IP cameras" the reason for this post is to explain how you can use any video camera, including the one built into your laptop, for this purpose without the need to purchase a new device. This would permit you to test the concept to decide if it meets your needs without needing to buy anything.


All that's needed to turn any video camera into a webcam is any one of a number of free software packages. I used YAWCAM (Yet Another Web Camera) which you can download here: http://www.yawcam.com/download.php but there are quite a few others you can choose from. After installing and running the program you will need to let it access a camera. For the purposes of this test, I used both the built-in camera on my laptop as well as Logitech USB camera which I had around the house. Once a camera is selected, a video preview and control panel windows will appear. On the control panel window ENABLE the video stream.


Next, on the STATUS/Device section of your WiFiRanger's control panel, click on Conduit for the device in your network that the camera is associated with. A "port" parenthesis will appear; enter 8081 and then SAVE. On the line for your device a URL will appear. That's where you'll be able to see your video. That's all there is to it!


To test your setup use a device (such as your smartphone) that is NOT connected to your network (using your phone on cellular will work as long as the phone isn't the network hotspot.) You can view the video from another network device (including the laptop that the camera is connected to) but that won't really prove that the data is actually available outside your network.


You don't need to have a pet to use this feature; you could use it as a security monitor or simply to monitor a temperature display to make sure that your A/C or heat are functioning properly.


I hope this encourages some people to try this feature; if you have questions feel free to post them.



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I have this set up and when I try to access it, I get a password request. I haven't been able to determine what password it wants. Suggestion appreciated.


I have no idea what password is being requested. The WFR doesn't have any passwords. Can you provide a screenshot and a description of when this request appears?

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