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Is it just me? -rant-


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I swear it never fails! Drag out the ladder.. hump around on my hands and knees to get my panels oh so sparkly clean.. hunker down in with a good cup of java.. then WHAM! From 200 feet up in the middle of nowhere my panels must have signs posted.. "please splooge here"!


E v e r y single freakin time!!!!


Is this a known phenomenon or is it just me??


I am very seriously considering taking them off a series/parallel configuration. I must have done something bad in a previous life. :P



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I'd like to say it's just you, but the same thing happens when you wash your car/truck. They need shiny things for their target practice. I suggest you clean something on a neighbors RV or vehicle first in order to get that location programmed into their flight computers. Then clean yours as it will be a secondary target.

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Purchase small statue (this is usually a miniature Rodan or some such and plastic is allowed). Set up camp then set up statue a minimum of 30 yards from panels. Carefully watch the small statue.


Note, you'll never see your panels violated while watching the statue. :ph34r:

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Too funny! I do know that my old red car was marked much more often than my current white one. The red one was especially popular with berry-eating birds.

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